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    by Published on 04-12-2014 01:21     Number of Views: 36 
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    Imperial Zoological Scouts report high levels of unrest among Mulmun mutant species throughout Calypso. The cause of the mutant frenzy is currently uncertain, though some IZS xenobiologists are speculating off the record that it may be somehow related to recent increased robot activity on the planet.

    Colonists with militia duties are requested to report to the following locations to assist in protecting civilian settlements:

    • Port Atlantis - Mulmun Outcasts (LVL 14, Shared Loot)
    • Cape Corinth - Mulmun Outcasts-Bandits (LVL 14-17, Shared Loot)
    • Fort Ithaca - Mulmun Guards-Raiders (LVL 20-23)
    • Minopolis - Mulmun Berserkers-Hunters (LVL 25-30)
    • Chug's Hideout - Mulmun Hunters-Champions (LVL 30-35, Shared Loot)
    • Osere - Mulmun Champions-Clan Warlords (LVL 35-39, Shared Loot)
    • Boreas - Mulmun Clan Warlords-Elites (LVL 39-75)
    • Nymphtown - Mulmun Elites (LVL 75+)

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    Imperial Scout/Recon forces have located what appears to be a gigantic power plant beneath the Hadesheim Crater. Preliminary scans show relatively low radiation levels, indicating humans should be able to enter the tunnels without special equipment.

    The existence of such powerful robot technology on Calypso soil is clearly a major threat to human settlements and suggests a much more alarming robot presence than previously acknowledged. Because of this, the Federal Empire has sent a unit of Earth Shock Troopers to investigate, under the command of Sgt. Quintana.

    Quintana’s unit has established a link to the robot teleportation network, allowing access to this power core. At regular intervals, drives to enlist colonists in helping the EST obtain Data Storage Units from the power core will be held. Points will be awarded based on the number and quality of DSUs retrieved; colonists with the highest number of points will be rewarded appropriately by EST command for each recovery effort.

    The temporary Earth Shock Trooper base on Calypso, along with Sgt. Quintana’s office, is located in Minopolis. The first DSU recovery effort will begin on Friday, March 28.

    ~ EST Heavy Infantry Commander Shaeng Shun

    Event Dates
    Event Start: Friday, March 28, 1600 UTC
    Event End: Monday, March 31, 1600 UTC

    There are five instance levels to accommodate avatars of various profession levels. All of the instances are access by interacting with The Core teleporter inside the EST dropship in Minopolis, and then selecting the instance level you wish to enter.

    There are also reports of several powerful Warlock-class robot bosses inside The Core. Colonists are urged to be prepared for aggressive new offensive tactics from these augmented Warlocks.

    ***IMPORTANT*** Be sure to turn in any recovered Robot DSU Units to Sgt. Quintana in Minopolis before Monday, March 31, 2014 16:00:00! Any Robot DSU Units remaining after the event end time will not be included in your final event score.

    The colonists accumulating the highest number of points during the event period will be awarded the following rewards by Earth Shock Trooper command:

    • 1st Place - Omegaton Ranger Scope MK1
    • 2nd Place - Omegaton Laser Sight MK1
    • 3rd Place - Omegaton Igni L1000
    • 4th Place - Universal Ammo - 5000 PED
    • 5th Place - Universal Ammo - 3000 PED
    • 6th Place - Universal Ammo - 1500 PED
    • 7th Place - Calypso Land Deed
    • 8th Place - Calypso Land Deed
    • 9th Place - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster x 2
    • 10th Place - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster

    In addition, all colonists reaching the following DSU point totals will receive bonus rewards from EST Command (only the highest bonus reward is awarded per avatar):
    • 5000 - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster x 5 + Autoloot Pill x 5
    • 1000 - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg + Energy Booster
    • 500 - Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg

    Rules & Notes
    This event is intended for solo hunters. Any attempt at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

    ***Important*** Do not abandon the mission! If you abandon the mission for any reason, either intentionally or accidentally, all points earned up to that point will be lost forever. Support cannot and will not restore points for abandoned missions, regardless of the situation.

    Happy Hunting!
    The Planet Calypso Dev Team

    Discussion Thread
    Published on 02-27-2014 06:11     Number of Views: 411 
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    Greetings Entropians,

    MindArk is happy to report great progress achieved in many areas of Entropia Universe in 2013. The MindArk team spent much of the year improving the user experience and upgrading infrastructure to improve performance and accommodate more simultaneous users.

    2013 Highlights
    Entropia’s 10 Year Anniversary
    At the beginning of 2013, MindArk celebrated the ten-year anniversary of Entropia Universe. Special events were held, and hundreds of special TEN Edition items were looted throughout the year to celebrate this exciting milestone.

    Infrastructure Upgrades
    A series of major infrastructure upgrades was performed during 2013. These upgrades have helped to improve server capacity and stability, and allowed for faster and smoother deployment of Version Updates, patches and hotfixes. These upgrades also help our developers and partners to more efficiently develop new content and systems by streamlining the internal development pipeline.

    MindArk vastly increased its marketing efforts in 2013 resulting in a more than 110% increase in the number of new participants compared to 2012. Those marketing efforts also resulted in a very encouraging 57% increase in the number of new depositors. By all significant measures such as average simultaneous users, new accounts, and daily economic turnover, overall activity in the universe was at an all time high during 2013, due in large part to the MindArk’s latest marketing efforts.

    New Player Experience
    Additional improvements to the new player experience were implemented in 2013, carrying on the focus given to this area in late 2012. These efforts have synergized well with the marketing efforts described above, and have contributed to the improvement in conversion rates and participant retention. A series of player-contributed YouTube tutorials were also created in cooperation with MindArk, and new participants were encouraged to view those informative videos to get off on the right foot in the Entropia Universe adventures. The new player experience is an area that will continue to have MindArk’s attention moving forward, as it is an essential component of the growth of the universe.

    Payment Processing
    Many participants were thrilled with the addition of Paypal as an official Entropia Universe payment processor in the second quarter of 2013. In addition, new participants have the option of purchasing special starter packs via Zong, Paypal’s mobile payment solution.

    Avatar Graphics
    A major overhaul to the avatar graphics and creation system was implemented early in 2013, resulting in incredibly realistic looking avatars and enhanced avatar customisation possibilities.

    Moon Estate
    A new type of estate management opportunity was offered in 2013. A group of participants pooled their resources and bid 1.5 million PED to acquire the rights to manage the first such estate, which subsequently was launched as the Monria moon estate in May 2013.

    New Systems/Features
    Several exciting new exciting features were introduced to Entropia Universe in 2013 which have been widely approved by participants. Those features include mission and skill progress tracker modules, as well as new types of consumable items that buff avatars in various ways. In addition, weapons and other items introduced in 2013 sport interesting new abilities, for example: life leech, faster reload speed, or damage blocking. New convenience items were also introduced toward the end of 2013, including portable trade and repair terminals and auto-loot pills.

    Veteran Appreciation/Cost to Play
    • As promised in the 2013 State of the Universe Address, MindArk implemented several changes and features that helped to reduce the overall cost to participate in Entropia Universe, including:
    • Average TT returns were increased across the board for hunting, mining, crafting and other activities.
    • Removal or lowering of many unpopular fees, such as the armor equipping fee.
    • Increased the unlimited item tiering speed.
    • The minimum condition of most items lowered to 3%, freeing up a large number of PED, especially for owners of older UL weapons.
    • Reduced the volatility of many activities, especially for lower level avatars.
    • Decay and ammo consumption were removed when using a weapon not aimed at a valid target.

    2014 Roadmap
    MindArk has ambitious plans for the development of Entropia Universe in 2014, with planned primary focus on the following areas.

    Systems Development
    Social Interface - A completely overhauled and improved social interface has been under development for the past several months, and is getting close to implementation. This upgrade will bring several long-desired features, including offline messaging, custom chat channels and much more.

    Affiliate System - An affiliate system is under development which will allow participants to earn PED by referring new Entropia Universe participants.

    Premium Accounts - Still in the early design stage, MindArk is planning to offer premium account upgrades for a small monthly cost. Benefits of the various premium account types are still being decided, but may include such features as increased storage limits and increased number of simultaneous auctions. We are also considering making premium account upgrades available via daily mission tokens as well as special lootable items.

    Citizenship & Housing System - Development of these systems was unfortunately delayed in 2013 due to the critical infrastructure upgrades taking quite a bit more development time than anticipated, along with several other projects receiving higher priority in the second half of 2013 and early 2014. This project now is now tentatively planned for release in Q4 of 2014.

    PVP - Lots of improvements and enhancements to player vs. player (PVP) combat are planned for the second half of 2014. More information will be made available in a future Entropia Buzz developer notes article.

    New Player Experience - Among MindArk’s highest ongoing priorities is improving participant conversion and retention, and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to continually find ways to improve the experience of new participants. As such, we plan to continue working closely with our planet partners in 2014 to implement systems and features that make Entropia Universe as exciting and user-friendly as possible for new participants.

    Legacy Systems - Progress is ongoing for the reimplementation and refinement of various legacy systems.

    New Systems - Several other interesting new systems are in the early development stage, and are planned for release in Q3 and Q4 of 2014 depending on prioritization of the other projects mentioned above. More details and teasers will be released throughout the year, so be on the lookout!

    MindArk plans to continue to expand and refine its marketing efforts in 2014 in order to maximize the number of new participants joining Entropia Universe. As outlined above, our marketing efforts in 2013 were very promising and we plan to become even more aggressive in 2014.

    Planet Toulan
    MindArk was excited to bring its newest planet online last week. Though still in its beta release, Planet Toulan promises to bring exposure of Entropia Universe to a previously untapped sector of the online gaming audience, and add a unique Arabian theme to the existing planet partner roster. Full release of Planet Toulan is expected mid-2014.

    Cost to Play & Balancing
    Continuing with the improvements made in 2013, MindArk plans to further improve average returns for many activities. One example would be the removal of the clothing equip fee in an upcoming platform release.

    Infrastructure & Development Tools
    Additional improvements to the Entropia Universe infrastructure and development tools are planned, which will allow MindArk and its planet partners to more efficiently develop and deploy new features and content, while minimizing server latency and downtime during patches and version updates.

    Deed and Estate Management
    Several new deed and estate management opportunities are planned for 2014. One of these will be announced in the upcoming planet partner release scheduled for early March.

    Entropia Platform
    Several major public and private organizations have expressed interest in making use of the Entropia Universe platform and collaborating with MindArk for future projects.

    In conclusion, MindArk is looking forward to an exciting and productive 2014 for Entropia Universe and hopes all our participants will enjoy the improvements and efforts we have planned.

    Best regards,

    David Simmonds
    CEO MindArk PE AB

    Discussion Thread
    by Published on 12-20-2013 13:34
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    Join the Mayhem!!

    It’s time once again for Planet Calypso’s annual winter hunting extravaganza - Merry Mayhem! This year’s event features an additional category for avatars with profession levels of 100+, an improved scoring system and some exciting new prizes!

    Running for 23 days over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, Merry Mayhem is among the most exciting and popular events in all of Entropia Universe.

    So grab your best gear and join in the Mayhem!

    Event Dates
    • Dec. 20, 00:00:01 UTC - The Merry Mayhem Mission Broker NPC in Minopolis becomes active, participants can accept the event mission(s).
    • Dec 20, 16:00:00 UTC - Event begins. Kills of creatures within the Merry Mayhem instances now award points, and time spent in the instances now counts toward the 30-hour average score calculation, as well as the 30-hour prize eligibility requirement.
    • Jan 12, 23:59:59 UTC - Event ends.
    • Jan 31 - Event results announced.
    • Feb 7 - Participants can turn in the mission to the Merry Mayhem Mission Broker NPC and receive their Merry Mayhem diploma.

    Mission NPC & Instance Gates
    The Merry Mayhem Mission NPC and instance gates are located in Minopolis, at the following map coordiates: (87500, 85110).

    You can register for the event by accepting one or both of the Merry Mayhem missions offered by the Merry Mayhem Mission Broker NPC in Minopolis. Registration opens on December 20 and will remain open until the event ends. Note that there are two separate missions: one for the solo event and one for the team event.

    ***IMPORTANT*** Do not abandon the missions! If you abandon a Merry Mayhem mission, all event points accumulated up to that time will be forfeit. Support cannot restore points lost due to abandoning one of the Merry Mayhem Missions.

    When you accept the mission, you will automatically be placed in the appropriate category and will receive a stack of instance gate keys, each of which provides one hour of hunting time in the associated Merry Mayhem instance.

    The Merry Mayhem Mission NPC will provide you with 500 keys for the solo event and 500 keys for the team event which will be flagged with your particular category. While the solo keys only allow you to enter the instance category specified in the item name, you can use the team keys to enter instances above your assigned level as well. Points are earned by killing special Merry Mayhem creatures found inside the instances.

    Merry Mayhem offers several different competition categories to accommodate participants of varying profession levels. Participants will be sorted into one of the following five categories upon accepting one of the Merry Mayhem missions.
    • Category 1: Highest Professional Standing 0-24
    • Category 2: Highest Professional standing 25-49
    • Category 3: Highest Professional standing 50-69
    • Category 4: Highest Professional Standing 70-99
    • Category 5: Professional Standing 100+

    Note: If during the course of the event you gain enough skills to move into the next category you will no longer be able to enter the team instance arenas using your allotted keys.

    Event points are earned based upon the type of creature killed:
    • 1 Point - Merry Mayhem Kerberos
    • 2 Points - Merry Mayhem Araneatrox
    • 10 Points - Yulebot

    A new scoring method is in place for this year's Merry Mayhem that will greatly minimize the impact of client crashes or server issues on the event results.

    Final event scores will be calculated based on hourly point averages to derive each participant's 30-hour normalized event score.

    This scoring method removes the need for participants to track time spent in the instances (beyond meeting the 30-hour prize eligibility requirement, described below), removes the risk of participants being inadvertently disqualified from the event for time reasons, and allows all participants to hunt as much as desired in the Merry Mayhem instances without giving an unfair advantage to those who are able to hunt for many, many hours.

    • Avatar A - Point total: 4000, Hours : 32, Hourly point average: 125, 30-hour normalized score: 3750
    • Avatar B - Point total: 8600, Hours: 72, Hourly point average: 119.44, 30-hour normalized score: 3583.33

    In this example, Avatar A would place higher in the final results, even though Avatar B has more total points.

    Highest Single Loot Bonus - The participant who scores the highest single loot on each of the various Merry Mayhem creatures outlined above will receive a 25% boost to their final 30-hour normalized score!

    Prizes will be awarded to the participants that achieve the highest 30-hour normalized scores within each category.

    Rules & Notes
    The solo category events are intended for solo hunters. Any attempt at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

    Do not abandon the Merry Mayhem missions! If you abandon one of the event missions for any reason, intentionally or accidentally, all points earned up to that point will be lost forever and will not be included in your final event score. Support cannot and will not restore points for abandoned missions, regardless of the situation.

    ***IMPORTANT*** A participant must complete at least 30 hours in the assigned Merry Mayhem instance in order to qualify for winning a prize.

    For the Highest Single Loot (HSL) score bonus, if the participant who achieves the HSL on one of the Merry Mayhem creatures does not meet the 30-hour prize eligibility requirement, the next highest loot for the creature in question will be considered. And so on, until a prize-eligible participant is awarded the HLS score bonus.

    Happy Holidays and Merry Mayhem!!
    The Planet Calypso Team

    Merry Mayhem 2013 Event Page
    Event Scoring Q&A

    Discussion Thread
    by Published on 11-01-2013 09:51
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    Get ready for the most terrifying event in Planet Calypso history!

    Fight your way through hordes of undead as you compete for the prizes in this year’s Halloween event, featuring...
    • A spooky haunted graveyard instance
    • Two creepy new creatures and two new bosses

    Special loot, including Halloween Candy, a consumable booster item
    … and lots of great prizes!

    In this Mayhem style event, similar to the Feffox Mayhem event, you will hunt in a solo instance and score points by looting and handing in Halloween pumpkins. The Halloween pumpkins have been distributed in relation to creature difficulty, so that hunters in all five instance levels have a fair chance at scoring points in the event.

    The Halloween Mayhem event starts on Thursday November 7th, 00:00:00 UTC and ends on Sunday November 17th, 23:59:59 UTC.

    Are you ready for Halloween Mayhem?

    Where do I Enter?

    The Mayhem Entrances are located in three locations; Fort Ithaca, Fort Zeus and Nymphtown. The map and screenshot on this page should make it is easy to locate.

    There are five instance entrances for various skill levels, ranging from 1 to 5. Choose the entrance that suits your current level for fighting mobs of the following levels:

    Entrance Level 1;
    Zombie Mutant Outcast (LVL 5)
    Zombie Mutant Bandit (LVL 9)
    Zombie Dog Young (LVL 3)
    Zombie Dog Mature (LVL 6)

    Entrance Level 2;
    Zombie Mutant Guard (LVL 13)
    Zombie Mutant Raider (LVL 16)
    Zombie Dog Old (LVL 8)
    Zombie Dog Provider (LVL 10)

    Entrance Level 3
    Zombie Mutant Warrior (LVL 20)
    Zombie Mutant Berserker (LVL 25)
    Zombie Dog Guardian (LVL 13)
    Zombie Dog Dominant (LVL 15)

    Entrance Level 4
    Zombie Mutant Hunter (LVL 32)
    Zombie Mutant Warlord (LVL 39)
    Zombie Dog Alpha (LVL 20)
    Zombie Dog Old Alpha (LVL 24)

    Entrance Level 5
    Zombie Mutant Champion (LVL 51)
    Zombie Mutant Clan Warlord (LVL 57)
    Zombie Dog Prowler (LVL 30)
    Zombie Dog Stalker (LVL 34)

    Point Reward System

    The following point reward system has been offered for those assisting in the retrieval of Halloween Pumpkins:
    • Rotten Halloween Pumpkin (1 point)
    • Sickly Halloween Pumpkin (5 points)
    • Damaged Halloween Pumpkin (10 points)
    • Healthy Halloween Pumpkin (20 points)
    • Mature Halloween Pumpkin (50 points)
    • Fully Developed Halloween Pumpkin (100 points)
    • Twin Halloween Pumpkin (500 points)
    • Mutated Halloween Pumpkin (1000 points)

    Mission NPCs

    Mission NPCs have been placed in the following locations:
    • Cape Corinth
    • Fort Ithaca
    • Fort Zeus
    • Port Atlantis
    • Twin Peaks
    • Nymphtown

    Recovered Halloween Pumpkins should be submitted to the one of these Mission NPCs

    Be sure to turn in any recovered Halloween Pumpkins to one of the mission NPC before the event ends! Any Halloween Pumpkins remaining after the event end time will not be included in your final event score.

    Event Prizes
    • 1st Place - Modified Hedoc Mayhem
    • 2nd Place - Improved Hedoc Mayhem
    • 3rd Place - DOA Slugstorm
    • 4th Place - Omegaton M83 Predator
    • 5th Place - Emik Enigma L4
    • 6th Place - CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.I
    • 7th Place - Genesis ArcSpark
    • 8th Place - Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem
    • 9th Place - Omegaton Igni L1000
    • 10th Place - 10 x Calypso Land Deeds
    • 11th Place - EWE LC-100 Frontier
    • 12th Place - Isis Project Zero-Three
    • 13th Place - Castorian Xeno-Dagger Scratcher
    • 14th Place - Kilic Rex
    • 15th Place - 5 x Calypso Land Deeds
    • 25th Place - 1 Calypso Land Deed
    • 50th Place - 1 Calypso Land Deed
    • 100th Place - 1 Calypso Land Deed

    Rules & Notes

    Each participant is limited to a maximum of 40 hours in the Halloween event instances. This 40 hour limit applies to combined time in any of the Halloween instances, not each individual instance level. Event participants must keep track of their time spent in the event instances, since the current instance system unfortunately does not track time spent across multiple login/instance sessions.

    This event is intended for solo hunters. Any attempt at abusing team mechanics or any other Entropia Universe systems or features in order to gain an unfair advantage over other participants will be grounds for disqualification from the event, forfeiture of any prizes, and possible sanctions imposed on one’s Entropia Universe account.

    Do not abandon the mission! If you abandon the mission for any reason, either intentionally or accidentally, all points earned up to that point will be lost forever. Support cannot and will not restore points for abandoned missions, regardless of the situation.

    Happy Hunting!

    Happy hunting and Happy Halloween!
    The Planet Calypso Dev Team

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