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  • EBN: Task force on Robot Sightings

    EBN: Task force on Robot Sightings

    Calypso Defense Forces have assigned a taskforce under the leadership of Colonel Briers to investigate the recent Robot presence, hopefully providing intel that will lead to knowledge about their next move.

    “It is almost impossible to stay ahead of the Robots” said Colonel Briers after the announcement of the taskforce at CDF HQ, “We need to get into their heads. Needless to say, it’s a tough job. But with such a strong taskforce of brilliant minds, I remain positive.”

    Lately, robots have been on the prowl near Port Atlantis and Billy’s Spaceship Afterworld, but it looks like they are now regrouping outside these newcomer-heavy areas. However new sightings have been made of differing generations of Coordinators, Steelbirds, Defenders and Jamraiders around the Hadesheim Crater. Colonel Briers and the CDF taskforce ask the good colonists of Calypso to stay alert and report any anomalies of robot behavior.
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    1. Menace's Avatar
      Menace -


      Manticore Society
    1. Rony's Avatar
      Rony -
      "We need to get into their heads"
      May I suggest more efficient methods, like this?
    1. XeroX2's Avatar
      XeroX2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Menace View Post


      Manticore Society
      hmm not really an interestning announcement yet... but hey 9th is still a while.
    1. Nor Alien's Avatar
      Nor Alien -
      Like I said before!! THE ONLY GOOD ROBOT IS A DEAD ROBOT!!"
    1. Butch C's Avatar
      Butch C -
      so did that Carrmone sheila get the boot? Man she was useless, her dad would of been so disappointed.

      Unless she didn't get the boot and she is reading this right now you got punk'd Carramone I was just kidding ermmm great job General
    1. TinyDancer's Avatar
      TinyDancer - how does one get on the task force?
    1. Ty Williams's Avatar
      Ty Williams -
      Quote Originally Posted by TinyDancer View Post how does one get on the task force?
      Good Question...

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