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  • Hogglo Diablo Mash-Up: Tame, Hunt, PvP!

    Tame, hunt and PvP all at once in another glorious Hogglo Diablo Mash Up taking place right now! These rare Hogglo breeds are event-exclusive, with loot being both shared and non-shared.!

    • 79666, 94076 (PvP Zone East of Fort Argus)
    • 79515, 93944 (PvP Zone East of Fort Argus)


    • Gigantic Hogglo Diablos donít die easy, so come and strengthen the groupís firepower.
    • Tame + take home your own Hogglo ó if you can find it! Elusive Hogglo Pygmies and prized Hogglo Blacks are sometimes found sheltering under the big bellies of their Diablo defenders.

    Happy hunting!

    Hogglo Diablo Mash Up Tame Hunt PvP!
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