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Wandering the Matrix

This is what I have seen.
  1. Stalking a HOF.
  2. On the way to Old Smokey.
  3. Jogging on the beach
  4. Halloween on Calypso.
  5. Daikiba in a tree, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting colonists.
  6. A break while running to the spaceport with MS9.
  7. Being a devil between the moons.
  8. My shadow and I watch the moon above the pyramid at Fort Argus.
  9. Under the spotlight, outside an outpost.
  10. After CTU (crash to underwear), back in exploring mode.
  11. Quaint toy Swiss village on the sea.
  12. Empty Marble Memorial.
  13. Looking into the blue misty mountains.
  14. Swimming with my shadow along the spider corridor.
  15. Where do I place my towel?
  16. Blue sand at a remote teleporter.
  17. One single cloud over Twin Peaks.
  18. Do pixel people live up there as well?
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