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  1. valentin's Avatar
    There are still a few systems from the pre-VU10 era that MindArk has yet to reintroduce ---> I would say most of it.!!!

    I want to give more credit to the heroes of Calypso ---> I would say more the ppl who MA gave the "lucky " factor.!!!

    Finally Planet Calypso has an official forum, a place of discussion, feedback and socializing on the web. Next year the PCF will be given even more focus when it comes to how Planet Calypso is presented on the web, how the community will interact and how curious players can find a haven of information---> thats not the first time i hear that.!!!

    Next year holds a lot of surprises ---> I would ask what year.!!!
  2. Valekyrie's Avatar

    Thank you MUCH for the "state of the planet" address. I love getting information like this and i'm really excited about the upcoming plans and add-ons for the game. Especially the EVENT that you hinted at in you post. MA/FPC events have always been the greatest for all player levels.

    Keep on truck'in

  3. Cani Ostro's Avatar
    Nice information.

    However my hot topic still is: How are the chances I am going to loot a better unlimited armor than Gremlin within the next ten years? Doesn't mean really the system allowed me to loot the Gremlin footguards though...
  4. DavinFelth's Avatar
    Thank you so much for this memo. I can see the time that was given and the care/concern you have for players. This year has been really good. I would love to ride around on a Daikiba for some reason! Thanks for the info and working hard to integrate us into the game development.
  5. Heartwood's Avatar
    You tend to have great Articles.

    I hope for a quasi storyline again

    tks for the info
  6. Xen's Avatar
    I am looking forward to the instances.

    Btw, it's not readily apparent how to get to this blog from the article on the first page. That's probably the reason for so few comments.
  7. Nor Alien's Avatar
    The updates are a welcome sight! I look forward to the next one!! Ty
  8. edeanp's Avatar
    Sounds like a plan.

    Keep up the good work, Marco and team!
  9. xillonz's Avatar
    Exciting! Thanks for the update!

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