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Randall's BP (L)

Randalls' Blog Post (L) [||||||||||||||||||||||||] xxx,xx/xxx,xx PED

  1. B.l.o.w.

    ehehe .. nice catchy title for a mining topic

    I dissed hunting (only keep gear to protect myself)) and am now focusing on mining and crafting. Unamped small mining runs just to see the finds I can make, and small crafting runs just to skill. I didn't intended to convert this into a blog but since the results are motivating, I'd wanna give it a shot at documenting. I should be making the socsite also but don't feel like setting up dynamic tables atm

    Grtz, ...

    Updated 10-16-2008 at 13:08 by psychnosiz

    Bombs Away!
  2. Making a living ...

    ... is a challenge, bothways.

    It's firstly an indicator towards my last disciple/RL friend who I finally managed to get inside and who is doing rather wel in the hof charts, combined with a healthy eco view on the economy ingame. Whilst it might be a bit annoying when the pupil outgrows the master, it shows new perspectives which I've missed before. My subjective view is always restrictive and due to the "unknown" primal eu stage combined with friends just gambling around ...

    Updated 10-14-2008 at 14:54 by psychnosiz

    Bombs Away!

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