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The Wolf's Den

The wolf came to Calypso in the year 3007, after the horrible robot wars had irradiated the planet. On earth the wolf was a traveller, on calypso he's a Pioneer, an explorer, and occasionally the Hunter

  1. New blog & My new* Entropia Universe review

    My new* Entropia Universe review is up, on a more 'independent' site


    This blog is no longer maintained, and I request this account be deleted *again*
    Tags: review
  2. Gee Thanks community for your support

    Gee Thanks community for all your wonderful support during this tough 8 months I've been having without EU.


    You've all been a pack of savages, jumping on every little mistake, proving those that dislike EF right about everything that they've experienced. And you have the audacity

    I've done so much for this community and this very game and been given no less than contempt in return It makes me sick.


    Updated 07-05-2010 at 12:12 by NightwolfAA2k5

  3. Internet back up!

    My Internet is back up!
    +rep telstra
  4. New Gold Card on its way

    As the title says, my new Gold Card on its way
    At least I hope it is
  5. Just about had it with Telstra&MindArk

    I think I've just about had it with Telstra Bigpond, my ISP, They've sent me another defective modem

    I'm praying to the powers that be that after contacting them again, than they'll send me a replacement that actually works

    Anyhoo, In regards to MindArk/FPC:

    2010-05-28 13:58 You wrote:

    As I mentioned in a previous support case (171494) I lost my gold card, I've been trying to get a passport
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