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  1. Maria's Endeavors

  2. blogs...

  3. new blog...

    Ok... so I didn't post here much... My new and official blog that I will post to a lot is over at

    It's for both Entropia related stuff as well as a number of other things, but all posts will be categorized with tags so it'll be easy to just see the Entropia related posts.
  4. have not posted here much...

    have not posted here as much as I thought I would... I might start posting here more. May even start linking important threads here in my blog so that I and others can find them faster.
  5. Hopefully 10.1 will be here soon.

    MA has majorly screwed up apartments until VU 10.1 comes... Apartments are not accessible. They still exist, and the estate terminals appear to be there, but the deed owners cannot place items in their estates yet. Also, Omegaton West Habitat is a wreck at the moment. There is no trade center, revival or turrets there so Atrax keep wandering around the place at random locations. Most of them have come from the Atrax LA to the southwest. Unfortunately, if you die at Omegaton West Habitat due ...
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