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  1. Neglected

    I neglected to post for several months. As of my last post I'd been traveling around the newly expanded universe in my quad.

    After giving RT a real try - and concluding that it really just wasn't for me - I headed back to NI which I hadn't quite known what to make of it on previous visits.

    This time around - ignoring Ancient Greece (no vehicles) and CND (except for a race) - I just explored the planet itself and did some more serious hunting. It is so quiet ...
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  2. Across the Universe...and Back

    I've been winging around the Universe on a little vacation after reaching a collection of milestones that I call mid-level. It feels like a new chapter, and I am putting more details to my long-range objectives while taking a break from my usual activities.

    I'll have a few more posts coming soon about my adventures and impressions from NI ,RT, and the rest of Space, ...

    Updated 09-27-2011 at 23:39 by Miles

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  3. Explosion and Death - In Space

    I knew I wouldn't be able to kill another Cosmic Horror- I'd taken too much damage already, so I figured I should try to catch the blast...

    ...then died a lonely death... space.

  4. Home Sweet Home

    I know I'll make the trip again, but being back on Calypso I have a renewed appreciation for it.

    Arkadia in my rear view mirror.

    Killed a few Cosmic Horror along the way - so my VTOL now has Fair karma. Pretty east to kill, but not cheap. It definitely made the trip more interesting.
  5. Dispatch from Arkadia

    After upgrading to Mk 2 VTOL, I decided to travel to Arkadia for a look around, and to
    explore a bit, maybe for a week or so. The trip was uneventful, but the feeling of travel was real - watching Arkadia getting bigger as Calypso shrank in the distance, then powering down into the atmosphere of a new planet. There was a real sense of having left one place and journeyed to reach another.

    In the spirit of Space, I figure transporting some Calpyso items to Arkadia should yield some ...
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