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  1. Blog Neglect

    How is it that I haven't blogged in so long? I'm not sure, but it's not for a lack of playing. This coming year will be one of change for me though. My IRL financial situation has improved significantly, which permits me to do what I have long wanted to do - which is to up my hobby budget a fair amount. I spent my first 5+ years playing with budget of about $20 - $25 per month, deposited sporadically. I've played for about 3 hours a night that entire time, and rarely miss a night.

    I'm ...

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  2. The Next 5 Years

    I'm excited, which is the same place I started 5 years ago. (Not that their weren't some less exciting times along the way, for there were.) My original 10 year goal was to be something vaguely uber - to be playing at a high level and to be a name in the game, so to speak.

    Just writing that now seems both silly and egotistical, but at the time it meant something different. In a game with no end, no winning, no set goal, it was a way of defining what winning meant on my own terms. ...

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  3. The First 5 Years

    10 Years was farther than I could see, and who could say what high level play would be then - so I figured I should have a 5 year plan to reach a platform - a level of participation from which I could build.

    It was also something I could imagine. I wanted to be well-rounded, not balanced - a hunter that tried to mine well when needed, a well informed explorer who dabbled in crafting to slowly build some skills for later years. I'd have some sort of property, nothing fancy. I would ...
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  4. Almost 5 - Preview

    Five years is a long time, but it is only the halfway point of my original plan for life in EU. May 10th will be my birthday and I'm going to spend some time reflecting on the past and looking to the future.

    I stumbled on to EU and found it was like nothing I had ever seen and something I had long dreamed of all at the same time. I did not deposit at first, and even after I decided I would, I was going to wait until after I graduated as a disciple. I could see right away that the faster ...
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  5. The Big One

    Well it finally happened! A week or so ago I did something worth posting in the Uberloot section.

    This is the first time in a long time where I can really adjust my lifestyle. I've been spending most of the time thinking, so as not to act too fast. I now have 4 to 6 times my normal bankroll to work with. Interesting...

    I decided on a number of things, ...

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