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  1. little research about mid level mining gear

    i did a little research on the Ores/enmatters finders for mid level miners

    look carefully at the stats and $$ before to buy


    TIK200 (L)
    range 55
    Dept 552
    Decay 1.46 pec
    max tt 94.5
    Min tt 2.84
    Total uses possible 6279
    markup 107.48%

    JU 55 (L)
    range 55
    dept 477.6
    decay 1.275 pec
    max tt 60
    min tt 1.80
    Total uses possible 4565 ...
  2. Aslan David Jondalar

    I know i should use L pistols but the reality is i dont depo and i cant invest all the time the full tt of a gun + the % market


    i did for u a research for non-L pistols :

    Criteria for the research:
    -speed of the gun anything that is slower than 43 doesnt deserve my appreciation lol
    -affordable i cant afford a +700 and over
    -decent decay (damage/pec)
    -the damage (ammo burn) is not my major preoccupation i put the emphasis ...

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