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  1. Stunningly uneducated, or is there some secret morality compass I am unaware of?

    Here's the situation.

    A plumber wants to install someones house with a special type of bathroom sink, maybe it's made of an extremely rare type of marble who's incandescent hue can only be attained by slaughtering a thousand children. In the end, it it is extremely rare to find and very few exist.

    For the same bathroom job, he also needs a certain type of piping that is used commonly in every household, but the company that produces this piping owns a monopoly over ...
    Tags: rant (again)
  2. +1 Acid +1 Burn +1 Cold +1 Cut +1 Stab +1 Impact

    Some phrases I came up with that I would use on certain people if they were worthy of them. They are not. :)
    You can use them in your daily life though.

    You have chosen to shut your eyes and your ears to the world, so shut your mouth as well.

    I would not ask a blind and deaf beggar for financial advice.

    Ostentatious vainglory is no match for logic and reason.

    The worthlessness of a trinket is inversely proportional to the number ...
  3. Points of note: Arguments against calling the Virtual Universe “gambling” or “casino”.

    Points of note: Arguments against calling this Virtual Universe “gambling”. Or “casino”.
    I am going to give my points of view here as I feel would not be given the attention they deserve if they were not related.

    I see many people that make the connection “losing money=gambling”
    If this is true, are you gambling when you fill your car up with petrol? Yes. – you are assuming that petrol will aid your car. You are assuming that petrol will perform the function you expect ...
  4. Treatment Unlocked

    I think it was the friday? 11-4-8

    Now i use a max heal 80 fap for the next 14 levels. :p Came during ambu. hunt immediately went and bought ur125- and i love the maxed hedoc50/adj hedoc 50 - great for cp
    Skills & Goals etc
  5. List of Nice Loots

    First Uber Hunting Loot: 1150ped Argonaut Guardian. Achieved 29-3-8. All TT food Though i am gradually using the 10k thyoid in metal ruds for skilling and maybe unlock bpc.

    Still find it odd i have had three XXI finds (lyst, caldo, blaus) and mine maybe a tenth of what i hunt. But I am beginning to understand that hunting+mining are intertwined. Still trying to figure out how crafting fits.

    Highest TT Hunting Loots
    1733ped Formicacida weak (8?-4-8)

    Updated 04-15-2008 at 03:05 by Immortal

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