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  1. Another run in progress

    Please visit this thread for info about this run:

    More information once the run is complete will come on a new blog entry..

    We just have to be patient
  2. 20130506 480 ped probes start ~ 60 ped remaining when I decided to stop the run

    Bought a Terrmaster 4 (L) (arkadia finder) and decided to drop a few probes yesterday.

    I had a return of 445 ped, where 60 ped was Probes still remaining when I decided to stop the run late last night (about 4 AM)


    Noteable loots: 2 kanerium ores, 1 Zand ore

    both ores sold at auction quickly for about 400%~

    my TT return of ores was 385~ped and after quick sale to auction I had a return of 519 ped

  3. Mining part 1

    500 bombs = 500 ped
    5x oa105 = 800 x 1.1688 = 935.04
    TK120(L) OreSeeker (decay) = 18.05 Ped x 1.33 = 24.0065

    Total spent: 1459.0465 ped

    Return TT: 1164.57 PED

    Return %: 0,7981719568224865 %

    Finds worth mentioning:
    Cumbriz Stone 89 PED (Unamped)
    Azzurdite Stone 178 PED (Unamped)
    Terrudite Stone 55 PED (Amped)
    Ignisium Stone 56 PED (Amped)

    List of Return with MU of ores:

    Updated 01-07-2011 at 11:55 by LangeTobias

  4. Mining cycle blog. This is what I spend, This is what I get. :) My own thread to keep track of what I do.

    I need a reason to keep mining, since it seems "good" to me comparing to my hunting returns, but I find it boring...

    Here I will post all my peds cycled in mining to see how good it actually is.

    Still working on my first round, 500 ped bombs and 5x OA105 using TK120(L) seeker.

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