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  1. NEW TrainWreck Symphony - Hair Of The Dog (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    NEW single off the new album "Anchors and Sails" Coming 2014.

  2. Rocktropian Art

  3. NI Status Clarified

    Today apx 28 min ago Mr.David Post came out of the silence and clarified what I had believed to be the case since my last post NI Staff.. This is What he had to say.

    "ok to answer the questions.. I still own the lion share of Next Island and it is still operating but no new content being added at this time. I am focused more on the crowdfunding platform which has higher promise and cost a fraction of what an MMO costs."

    Again Thank you for the Clarification Mr.Post ...

    Updated 06-05-2013 at 20:30 by Spart

  4. WTF?? Is Spart doing?

  5. Found 1 Broken Egg.

    This music makes me feel free..
    I Have found something new and profound.

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