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  1. Spitfire's Avatar
    I'ld put you in the "Powers that be" group
  2. eoden13's Avatar
    Sweet! that is awesome! simple but happy news.

    Thank you
  3. Hanne|SDS's Avatar
    Haha Oracle, that's quite an interpretation

    GS: The Observer? :P

    Eoden: We've been talking about that too, and we'd love to get it back. Right now we could get the sounds but we don't have any programming to back it.
  4. eoden13's Avatar
    Minister of Culture or Ministry of Culture just reminds me of 1984...

    speaking of which... what happened to the Avatars "newspeak" mumble when we started to type? I kind of liked it...
  5. GeorgeSkywalker's Avatar
    "Quiet but always listening" would be more apt,

    or perhaps "All seeing but never talking" , nah too similar to last one

    or "The Conformed" nah too negative !

    Hanne | FPC just perfect
  6. Oracle's Avatar
    Off topic Hanne but in my weird imaginings I wonder if your life as the Emissary of the Entropian Ministery of Secrets is anything like that of the Chad Decker character in the "V" television series?

    Chad Decker: Do you have any questions before we go to air?
    Anna: Just be sure not to ask anything that would paint us in a negative light.
    Chad Decker: [long pause] Excuse me?

    Updated 01-11-2011 at 23:57 by Oracle
  7. Lavawalker's Avatar
    LOL Hanne, too funny :)

    Watch them cookies they will put on weight ! :D
  8. alius's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wody
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    Hmmm.... I think I recognize those! Fortunatly cookies still work well in crumbs. And you might want to try heating those waffle ones on top of some tea or coffee... or hot chocolate... now that is good
    It is nice to see that at least someone gives Hanne an hell of a nice day. Or not if she ate it all herself at once
  9. XeroX2's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Hanne|FPC
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    Hehe the Christmas-smiley were nicely timed Ill be going home for Christmas, will be a year since I was home last!
    oha that is quite long I will be back home at christmas time too but that will be just like 4 months.
  10. Wody's Avatar
    hey, I wanted to first put a link to my thread, which has a screenshot when Hanne 'asked' for these.

    As you can see, it is a screenshot from the 6th of october. I'm a bit lazy, and only send the 'stuff' on the 16th, which is before anybody knew about the competition, maybe even Hanne didn't know.

    However, Das makes a good point. Hanne was not involved with the guide-program, only Simon and Emma were. And, the program ended before the gateway arrived. That means, there is no bias toward any of the other ex-SGA-guides.

    But, at the same time, I can not provide proof of the datestamp of the 16th becuase it shows my location. Also, there is a tracking-page, but again, to protect myself and FPC (it is supposed to show signatures) I will not post it.

    So, even though I think I could write well enough to win (geez Jot, you're normally not selfish, what happened?) I decided to not compete for the tutorials. Since I didn't even make any yet, that isn't too hard, and if Hanne ends up with one that says it comes from me, it does not. And I'm sure Hanne doesn't judge it by herself, so I wouldn't worry too much, even if you think Hanne as bribable (don't try, I think you will probably find yourself excluded).

    And also, I want to thank Das for bring it up, because to be honest, I didn't think about this. Oops! And just in case there is any doubt, I am making this decision myself, because I think it is the right thing to do. I don't feel pressured by Das, Hanne, or anybody else to do this. And, also, I felt the need to post all this too, so everybody can read my thoughts.
    Updated 10-23-2010 at 08:15 by Wody
  11. Kpeters's Avatar
    Why do I get the feeling everyone is picking on Hanne lately geez.

    Who cares who sent it it's not like some cookies will improve his loot.

    Chill, If i knew how to get customes to le tme mail some Costa Rican coffee I would I got a friend in game to which I still owe Costa Rican coffee!

  12. das's Avatar

    I don't want to insinuate things but knowing this came from an sga guide, 3 days after you're post for wriiten guides..
    Do you find this ethical & does the saying 'good ol boy system' means anything to you?
    What happened to principals & morals?

  13. Nor Alien's Avatar
  14. AndromedaDiablo's Avatar
    Roze Cakejes Very bad for ur teeth i like to eat the big Ones
  15. Kpeters's Avatar
    Hahaha any crave for Costa Rican cookies?
  16. Borr's Avatar
    That's some great stuff you got there! Going to the Jumbo in a few minutes and *this* is getting my appetite up!

    I know what I'll be having for dinner
  17. edeanp's Avatar

    Very nom...
  18. kevin282's Avatar
    i love the pink one's. and they are from the jumbo so they must be good . ( i work at the jumbo )
    and now you made me hungry! *runs to the kitchen*
    Updated 10-22-2010 at 14:25 by kevin282
  19. heineken's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by heineken
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    mmm the waffle things look yummy and look like they would be good with ice cream
    and some chocolate syrup with the ice cream
  20. heineken's Avatar
    mmm the waffle things look yummy and look like they would be good with ice cream
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