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Coel's Blog: Forays Into Hunting Futility

Hello all! Welcome to this blog. The purpose of this blog is to share my hunting misadventures. Hopefully some of it, you'll find humorous, and I hope sarcasm doesn't offend you. The newer hunters may discover new things by reading this. Some of the more fortunate avatars will disagree with it. The rare handful of avatars who are similarly blessed (cursed?) with the same loot potential I have, can commiserate with me. If you happened to be involved in an area I was hunting, and would like to provide your viewpoint, by all means contribute!

Theories can be compared and shared. Comments are welcome. I would like this blog to show my ongoing efforts in futilely producing HOFs and my first ever uber (should that ever happen) will be proudly lauded here. The only thing I wish I could do is to record the number of mobs that were killed in each hunt session. (Yeah, I did that once, using the good ol' "pen-and-paper" method, but it took all the level of immersiveness out of hunting and by the time I'd recorded almost 1300 atraxes killed without a global, my damn hand was sore...)

Hope you enjoy the read!

  1. A (few) funny things happened to me last night...

    I haven't added to my blog in a while, but a couple humorous happenings...happened last night. I was scouting all over for a good place to take some "after" avatar screenshots, and remembered the pretty waterfalls & pools on Memorial Isle. It's usually deserted so I was a tad surprised when I got the usual lag hiccups that happen whenever new green dots freshly appear on the radar.

    Up ahead, one green dot appeared. I approached; it was right about where the pool was, ...

    Updated 02-04-2013 at 19:43 by Coelacanth

  2. Mob Train Karma...What train goes around, comes around!

    Evening; Mar. 25, 2008

    I haven't had a lot of time to hunt lately, but my last 3 or 4 nights of hunting were extremely bad. So I decide to whack some Trax on the pink beach east of Echidna, which is the same place where I looted my 2 best loots and my PATH (Personal ATH) of 787 PEDs. Hoping to draw upon ancient history or something in a desperate attempt to HOF again. (Those loots were maybe from 4 years ago. Ugh. )

    I hunt my way there from Echidna, nothing good ...

    Updated 03-26-2008 at 22:20 by Coelacanth

  3. Yet Another Disciple Surpasses My Best Ever--In 1.5 Months

    Evening; Feb. 20, 2008

    Although I'm once again feeling less and less motivated to login and hunt, I decide to put in a little hunting. My last login was a few nights ago after putting in 4 hours of hunting fouls, bristlehogs, kerberos (kerberoses?) and tantardions. I did horribly that day except for the kerberos. They were--let's say--looting above average, though certainly nothing so good as a global. I probably had a rare break-even hunt on the kerbies, looting 3 Isis CB5's (2 of ...

    Updated 03-20-2008 at 19:42 by Coelacanth

  4. Hunting Retardions *Is* Retarded...If You're Me

    After Work & Evening, Feb. 13, 2008

    Tonight, just after 6 PM, I decide to change things up a bit, break out the Ghost armor (for its electric protection), and decide to head SW of Atlas Haven and slice up a little Tardloaf. I rarely hunt Retardions as there's usually very bad return for me, and there's not much excitement or threat of danger. With my plated Ghost and nearly 130 health, the plethora of crabs barely even dings me.

    Still, I hunt carefully, I don't ...

    Updated 02-14-2008 at 22:26 by Coelacanth

  5. Argocide: 440 PED Ammo = Waste of Time

    Evening, Feb. 8, 2008 After Work

    I return from work around 5:40 PM and decide to get on EU and think about what to murder. I decide to head to the Argo Orb, as I've shot that place up for countless hours and several days, but never got much luck out of it. I figure eventually, sooner or later, as MA Support always tried to reassure me, "my luck will improve". Stupid, silly me.

    I bring along 500 PEDs' worth of ammo for the occasion. 30K of medium, ...
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