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  1. Lumber Jacking

    So Yesterday I tried my hand at what is a new to me tool in game the 'Terratech PH-1' the tree chopping device at the trade terminal.

    So after some research on how to use said device I set out on my adventure for lumber... Oh look this tree has a HP bar this is the one I'm after... So I continue along my merry way and into some dense forest and without even noticing the mobs 'cornundacauda' continue to harvest wood, nxt minit there 7+ mobs on my behind... Did I run! Never I must have ...
  2. Once upon a time...

    Once upon a time I use to play this game... but then I vanished without a trace... AND now I'm BACK!!!

    So it's been 4+ years since my last confession!

    But I do confess that I've missed the game!!!

    I've tried other games that reminded me of this beautiful creature but never quite filled that empty gap in my soul...

    So in this token I'm going to see how I go and try to take it a little slower and do some of the new beginner content that ...
  3. Iron Challange: Argos

    Well over the past year I've managed to slaughter 5K+ Argos and get some good globals whilst doing so. I know you're prob all thinking oh just Argos! But for a noob of my stature itís damn good going.

    So now I believe that it is time for me to give the Argos a break! Going to try a harder mob 'PUNY' LOL

    Donít get me wrong, Iíll go on hunts with anyone that wants to but I wonít be hunting Argos Han style! SOLO!!!

    Keep the Faith. ...
  4. Me the Mentor!

    Never would have I thought of myself to be any sort of a Mentor, I've decided to try it on for size!

    So as the first few hours of sweating with new people and trying to find just one disciple... It was starting to look like I was never going to find anyone, along come Joe... So i say 'Hello Joe' and we get to talking bout all things Entropia. So Joe Skid Marks still not sure if he wanted to be a disciple again after feeling used by his last mentor, asked me about a few things and ...
  5. Graduation Complete.

    The other day before the last update I'd reached my 100% mark as a disciple Me being me, had to wait till my Mentor (Forburner Nighthawk Delta) was on so that I could take a video of this occasion, but never happened till after the update lol

    So we went to the place that we meet and geared up, well was already and hit the graduate button, Ding! Love the Adj pixie and dong massive slides in the little red engine!

    So I'll say a big thank you to NightHawk. ...
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