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Zar - one man - one Legend

  1. 3 more pieces down

    Woot, won the auction for three pieces I thought I might not collect for a long time.

    It has indeed been a good week. I am only short 4 pieces to have a full collection of 28 armor sets.

    No ghost feet - the price is stupid high

    No nem feet - have not been lucky enough to loot them despite pumping lead into tons of bots

    No expedition gloves or feet. These may still take a while to get.

    Now if I can get lucky and stumble on ...
    Armor collection
  2. Good week for finishing my last few sets

    It has been a good week for finishng my Dragon set. I found the arms and shins I was missing on auction for a great price.

    I felt very lucky, now I was only missing the thighs. All week I would stop in twin and in PA and shout that I was buying thighs.

    No luck. I searched ever shop in the malls and the aparment complexes I could and only found one set of thighs for sale. +255 holy cow that is way more than I wanted to pay. I know it uses a rare ore, but that ...
    Armor collection
  3. Thinking about armor

    Early on in my PE/EU life I, like many others, had to learn about amor if I was going to survice the wild untamed land that lay before me.

    One of the first thing I noticed was that there were all kinds of armor, some of which to my eye looked a lot nicer than others.

    It wasn't long before I began to learn the differences. Use this armor when hunting this mob and another for this mob.

    Somewhere along the line I began to collect armor, wanting to see ...
    Armor collection
  4. The blinding white light of birth

    The story of my birth, a fitting way to start a new blog.

    November 10, 2005 Old earth time

    There was nothingess, then a blinding white light. As I blinked to clear my eyes images began to take shape. I heard a mechanical voice announcing my awakening from a long deep slumber.

    I listened as I heard of a terrible robot war, how our beloved planet Calyspo was so devastated that many colonists were placed back into a sleep until the ...
    Zar the early years

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