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  1. Calypso Deed Holders group expanding

    The Calypso Deed Holders Group which was founded december 31st, 2011, has now been active for a bit over a month.

    During this month, the group has grown to 115 members, who have been discussing on a few topics so far.

    But the group has gone beyond a "simple" PCF group. The group now also has a private, secure and independant forum, to which access is only gained upon presentation of evidence of being a CLD Holder.
    This private forum aims to organize ...
  2. Good start for "Calypso Land Deed Holders" group

    It was the last day of the year 2011....

    I came home after a killing frenzie, taking out as many daikibas as possible. Man, those critters are a pest. They ruin good farmland and crops. I took out thousands, but it seemed like they were breeding like rabbits. I didn't notice any real drop in their numbers.

    So I sat under a tree with a good drink, and pondered about this planet. This new planet which I have come to call Home. Sure, it was nothing like I had expected ...
  3. In my cell at some CDF Intelligence Camp

    It's cold here.

    I sit in a corner on the ground. The cell is 2 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. Apart from us, there is nothing in this cell. Us...? Did I just say us...? I mean, me. I am the only one here. What's going on with me? The voices, they just won't stop. Am I going insane? No, this cannot be. I heard that an insane person cannot wonder whether he is insane. I am scared. So scared.

    I don't want to be here. I don't want to be in this cell, this camp. I don't ...
    Tags: robots
  4. Interrogation report File PCF/CDF/RX/7463-4

    During a routine patrol, unit Alpha-37 discovered a group of dead civilians near Billies Spaceship Afterworld. Aware of the reports of non-functioning revival terminals, the field commander decided to investigate, hoping he would be able to collect information abou why these civilians were not revived at the nearest revival point. Although the unit was unable to collect any data, the mission can be considered a success, as they managed to locate and repatriate one settler, whom they found hiding ...

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