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Life According to this PE Addict...

This blog will include My Real Life and PE/EU Experiences... Trial & Errors, Random Thoughts, Goals, Aspirations.. If you want to know more about Vixen78, subscribe

  1. Happy New Year 2010

    Happy New Year

    Welcome back my fellow entropian blog readers,

    Rather than rambling on, as I tend o do... I thought I would provide a link or two to my personal blog. There are many entries there that I have not cut/paste here due to sheer laziness

    For those of you who are interested in reading about my misadventures while driving 5 days across Canada, here is the link...

    Then from there you can ...
  2. Finally!! Now a Permanent Resident of Canada

    Hello All,
    I am excited to share my Landing experience with all of you! I know those who have not landed may have questions, I know I sure did. As much as the canadavisa forum has been helpful, there are certain things that are not real clear. I drove the 7 hours from Massachusetts to the Alexandria Bay/Lansdowne Port of Entry last night. Perhaps not the best time, but I had already committed to making the drive and my little Saturn was all packed up and ready to go.

    There ...

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    Life According to this PE Addict.
  3. Passport and Visa recieved!!!!

    Welcome Back,

    I am happy to announce that my passport with visa arrived today! I am surprised to get this all back so fast, and in no way am I complaining.

    Things are really coming together. My last day working in this dump is next Wednesday. I'll be busy trying to sell off what I can and donate the rest before the end of the month.

    There are so many things to get done with in the next week, I just don't want to forget anything or overlook anything ...
  4. 2 Week Notice Given!

    Hello fellow blog readers,

    I know it's been awhile since my last blog entry, but in all fairness, I have been adding to my personal blog... Just haven't been cut/pasting the entries onto this one.

    And I do feel a little guilty for not doing so

    But for all of those inquiring minds that want to know, I FINALLY received my passport request on 11/12/2009 (last thursday). I will admit to totally underestimating this whole immigration process. Believe me, ...
  5. For Boldar

    I remember the first time we met at Atlas Haven~
    You were one Jamhot's guys & your face was unshaven.

    You had a passion for Aussie football & music, especially Led Zeppelin~
    If I was feeling down, You tried your best to make me laugh and grin.

    We had many heart to heart chats under that tree~
    You were a damn fine Entropian & a true friend to me.

    You were the Leader of countless TP runs and rescued many find their way from an outpost~

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    Life According to this PE Addict.
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