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  1. Daily Token Blog

    So my goal is to get 6,000 tokens and buy that charcoal coat.
    I am going to just type my nonsense in this blog so I can do some lessons learned and be a better token finder!

    My "tactic" is somewhat simple

    There are basically 9 Daily Missions I can do for daily tokens

    Daily Hunting Catagory 1: its usually a low level mission (ie merp) it gives 1 token, with a chance to get the chirpy bonus that awards 10 tokens

    Daily Hunting ...
  2. Monria Crafting

    Started the Monria Crafting Daily to pump up my engineering.

    Wanted to keep track of how much ped it cost me to do it and then factor in the MU I "pay" for that 75 pec chip.

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