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  1. Derids Weekend

    This morning all my furniture etc arrived from Denmark to Stockholm.

    My appartment is filled with boxes etc that needs to be unpacked. The damage was minimal in the move, they managed to break my bed! I have to admit tho, I was planning on getting rid of it, and now they will have to reimburse me, and I can get a new bed! PERFECT!!!

    The irony tho when they were apologizing and I did not know if I should laugh or cry, as I was happy about it.

    So this ...
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  2. Dear Diary!

    Yesterday I was at Twins.
    I listened to the AHR radio. Blood is a fun DJ.
    I gained dodge skill.
    Then I died.
    Then I died again.
    Then I died again and again.

    And I got a lot of dodge.

    Thank you Diary for listening to me.

    Oh well, I am bored!

    Twins was fun yesterday, I did not sweat a single bottle but talked to people and gained dodge skill from the bots. All good!
  3. I made it!

    50K sweat. Had 52.5K in my bags last night. All gone now tho

    I calculate that I have done a bit over 60K so far in my short life in Entropia. I will not count what I did before tho as I did not track it.

    But was a great feeling sunday. Got 50K sweat, reached 1K in Sweat Gathered. I got it done, ppl told me I would depo in a week etc. Proved them wrong

    Just wanted to say thanks to some ppl who helped / talked to / friends along the way.
  4. Extra info / gossip / general newbieness


    Was trying to get used to the new "sweating" yesterday again. And I have to say, I do not like it so far. BRING BACK THE OLD SWEATING!

    I feelt like I was just pounding a key and the thing would not start sweat. In the old days atleast I would start channeling before I could sweat so I could see something was going on. With this new thing I feel like I am doing something wrong as I have to hit 5-10 times just to get ...
  5. Goals / Projects

    Goals / Projects

    To keep motivation up during the long sweating sessions etc I try to have goals I need to reach. It keeps me motivated and makes the game more enjoyable. Think about it in a way where you set up a lot of goals on the way to the real goal, as the road would just be too long to wander if you just see that goal far far far away and have no waypoints to reach on the way. It works in real life, so why would it not work in Entropia I thought. So don't laugh at them, know ...
    Derid in Entropia
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