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Hulyss Treedoctor Bowman's Blog.

Welcome U !
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  1. The show must go on !

    Due to irl business didn't connected for around 3 weeks. When i reconnected, My mentor was gone, he left the game, i dunno. So i learned alone, for some times, with my opalo. I gathered teleporters after teleporters, on Eudoria and on Amathera.
    It was the exploration time. Many times i was stuck in an outpost, due to my low gears and the strong mobs; sometimes for many days. At troy, a guy was screaming " Sweat oggs academy is recruiting, come to chat me to apply". Then i was integrated ...

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  2. Fort Troy Memorys.

    [I]Fort Troy ...[/I]
    I love this place. I love it cause i was born here, cause of the buildings u have here and the lack of population. It was durring 2005 and there were more people at this time than now, but not the same amount as Twin.
    The Sweat was at 1.3 pec per bottle, and Troy was a nice sweat buying place on Eudoria. My days at this time was cool. I go sweating around 10 peds , i buy ammos, and i go kill exas and daikibas. Then, i return sweating... little bit borring.

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  3. The second day

    [I][FONT=Palatino Linotype]Autor nota :[/FONT][/I]
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][I]"Ok lol, i will not describe u all the days since i started PE but the few ones who was important for me."[/I][/FONT]

    The second day in Project Entropia was rich. First of all, i didn't know there were another towns than Troy on the continent and i didn't know how to make the teleporter working.
    I readed on Entropia pioneer (my first forum) u need to say hello to ppl who are at rig, ...

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  4. The first day ...

    Yea, the first day !
    Was in vacation just after the grand opening of my architect office. It was a sunny afternoon of October and i was super bored. I wanted to play but i was bored by all my cd games. So i decided to look at MMORPG on internet and i found a web site.
    I downloaded a lot, free, not free, war, strategies ... was bored too. And suddenly, i had a look on this SCIFI game named Project entropia. I had some dreams about it, about the community and all. I though i will be able ...

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  5. At the start ...

    Today, its the start of my blog. Personaly, i dont like the word "blog". I prefere so far "road book" like the ones u can read in Morowind.
    I will speak about my adventure in PE , EU now. I will show u who i am first, cause i hope more u will know me, more u will like me.
    After that i will tell u my evolution ingame and the evolution of the game himself, the players i meeted, the ones i loved and hated.
    It will take a bit of time, but i have all my time. I just ...

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