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  1. So many new ideas....

    It's hard to have so many new ideas and no way to impliment them. I am still out sweating everyday to make a ittle bit of ped, but honestly, I am starting to think I need to save it all for when Cry 2 comes along. I just have this aching feeling that there will be a need for not only sweat, but other items that are used in the customization of one's ava.

    I have 3 new business ideas of which I am currently doing research on and beta testing with friends.... we'll see how those progress. ...
  2. Privates & Generals

    The heirarchy of a Society solely depends on the person running it, desire to want to Soc to grow. A stagnate Soc is a dead Soc.

    So therefore I reccomend that everyone who is part of a Soc, if you do not see growth happening in your particular Soc, you speak up. Let your voice be heard. Maybe the person running it has shows little interest as when it was first started. Therefore maybe a new President is in order.

    Soc are there to help their fellow members. My Soc for ...
  3. Whew... been a while

    Well I have been through some stuff recently. I havn't given up on my dream of going 1 full year without depositing, and frankly I haven't depod yet, so thats a good thing.

    But I was thinking about how to improve my financial status in game. I have my Scanning Service, which has generated over 500 PED in sales. Good, but not great....

    I have a nother business Idea in mind, but this one is a little harder. It's gonna either take time because I need about 1000 ped to get ...
  4. In regards to my 2009 Project

    In regards to my 2009 Project of no depositing for a whole year... I have had to adjust how I am going about making PED in game.

    I still sweat occasionally, but now my main focus is on my Scanning Service.

    This seems to be a good idea so far, as lots of people are interested. I am still small, and the business is.. well... slow. But that is common for startups.

    I have 4 Clients so far, and that's just in about a weeks time from starting.

    I have ...
  5. No time in EU Today

    Sorry, no time inside EU today. Was sick, throwing up and having the Hershey Squirts.... ewwwww! Sorry again!
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