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  1. Birthday Presents

    Things have been moving along slowly but steadily in recent months - slowly due to RL workload which has been paying off nicely at least.

    I had a nice birthday present from a friend who understands my vices though, and have managed to acquire a few items on my to-do list which ROCKS!

    I have organised for myself:
    1) Ghost Armour
    2) Fusil Charade (nice-damage crafted laser rifle)
    3) the rest of my Gremlin set too

    Not got enough to repair ...

    Updated 07-12-2008 at 03:21 by Cly (categories.)

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  2. Globallllll ! :)

    Got my first ever global today, and would you believe it was in crafting?

    Settler Shins, even.

    Well well well. Stunned, to say the least. But very very pleased!

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  3. Goals Achieved

    Thought it might be worth me setting this up for my own future reference later.

    0) Started EU: June 2006
    1) 1000 Sweat Gatherer: 04/12/2007
    2) Graduated (1902 SB): 12/12/2007
    3) First Solo Global (73 Ped Settler Shins): 11/03/2008

    Updated 03-11-2008 at 04:16 by Cly (Updates!)

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  4. Things to get

    1) Dodge.
    To get this I need to hunt robots, which will require
    2) weapon in the 30-damage or so range.
    So either I have to go hunting with the handgun OR I need a Longblade or better yet a decent Laser Rifle.

    So far, Caudatergus appear to remain my best bet for long-term hunting, as they have multiple rifle options as well as my Vigi.

    The other possibility might be to try and get an A3 Punisher Mk I from a weapons vendor in Hadesheim, and see ...

    Updated 11-26-2007 at 05:16 by Cly

  5. Thought for the Day

    I wish it were not so hard to find a miner who

    a) gathered enough Force Nexus to have some spare each month
    b) was willing to save himself auction fees and sell to me direct.

    Thanks deeply to those hunter-soc-mates who have been trying mining this VU due to various (non-)loot issues, and have been selling me their FN!

    Without your help this constant war to get a little FN each month would be fairly depressing

    Updated 11-26-2007 at 04:58 by Cly (1 Typo)

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