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  1. Should I buy a gaming laptop?

    Pros of a gaming laptop
    Perhaps the most significant advantage here is the mobility of the device. Regardless of the time or place, you can just sit down and run the game. Whether it's a long trip or a long wait, the main thing is not to forget charging and find a power source.
    Ease with frequent moving. It happens that people repeatedly change their place of residence. The desktop computer in this case will complicate the process of transferring things. Therefore, sooner or later ...

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  2. Maria's Muse: FOMA Shop #22

  3. Hunting is my thing

    So decided to come back to the game after about 8 years break, on and off here and there clicking shit or killing a hogg.

    Now I'm back but hunting full time, crafting my own equipment where I can and basically spending peds again but not at the sick rate I did before.

    Let's see where this chapter takes me.
  4. smuggler list

  5. Game Plan

    As I track my progress, I wonder how long it will take me to hunt some decent mobs like Atrox and Allophyl comfortably and I wonder how long it would take to hunt things like Neconu and Hogglo.

    For now I just log in and skill while doing the starter missions; and the daily missions to collect tokens. I take it slow and aim mostly at the bonus missions which results in 20 tokens each.


    Weapon Progress

    Once I hit level 3 in BLP

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