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  1. The Life and Times of Docword

    I was supposed to post this yesterday but never got around to it.

    My Top 5 Skills
    1)Laser Weapon Technology-1057 (Qualified)
    2)Rifle-894 (Initiated)
    3)Anatomy-793 (Apprentice)
    4)Sweat Gatherer-559 (Amateur)
    5)Weapons Handling-334 (Beginner)

    My Top 5 Professions
    1)Laser Sniper Hit-5, Amateur
    2)Ranged Laser Damage-4, Novice
    3)Sweat Gatherer-4, Amateur
    4)Paramedic-2, Green
    5)Evader-1, Unskilled


    Updated 04-05-2011 at 14:34 by Doctorword

  2. The Adventures of a Rookie

    And so today I soloed my first Atrax. Unfortunately it killed me 4 or 5 times before I killed it. After that I wen to twin peaks. I sold all my ore and matters I gained through mining, along with some oils. I made 40 or 50 PED today so i feel good. I'm pretty sure I lost money but I think I am okay for now. I bought some more ammo so for the rest of the time I was on, I killed some snablesnots and some punys. I have been practicing with the mindforce and the cryogenics is pretty fun ...
  3. The Adventures of a Rookie

    Thanks to a friend of a friend, my avatar is free to roam calypso again. If it wasn't for vehicles, I would be there for a long time. Anyway, that was my third time getting stuck. The first time i got stuck was on my way to Nea's Place for the first time. I wandered into an area with spider's that did 300 damage to me in one hit. I would have been there for a long time if it wasn't for a member in my society that guided me out. Now that I'm free, I went to take revenge on some snablesnots. ...
  4. The Life and Times of Docword

    From now on I'm just gonna update my top 5's weekly instead of daily. I'm getting burnt out already doing it lol. So I guess if anything cool happens ill post about it otherwise you'll hear from me once a week. take care
  5. The Adventures of a Rookie

    So yesterday I bought a boat and I was so excited! I drove it around and went to Jennifer's Island which was kind of dull. But on my way there, I saw a Leviathan Old Alpha on top of the water with almost no health. This was my first time seeing one so was scared off it and amazed. Luckily, my boat is fast so it didn't touch me. After getting to the island, I felt adventurous so I drove over to Medusa's head to get a new teleport. Unfortunately I land on the wrong island and now I'm stuck ...

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