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  1. The Life and Times of Docword

    Nothing big planned today. Spending time with the GF so I won't be able to do too much. Got 750 shots though to finish my 500 daikiba then I don't know if I should do 1000 daikiba or move onto the merps. Please give me advice on this if your familiar. Will update skills proffs and hunt later.
  2. Around the Office

    Ninja-ed some pictures from around the office...

  3. The Life and Times of Docword

    Today I will continue my Iron Challenge @ Cape Corinth. Hope I land a CB5 from a chirpy!

    My Top 5 Skills
    1)Laser Weapon Technology-539 (Amateur)
    2)Sweat Gatherer-522 (Amateur)
    3)Rifle-473 (Amateur)
    4)Anatomy-428 (Novice)
    5)First Aid-174 (Green)

    My Top 5 Professions
    1)Sweat Gatherer-Novice, 4
    2)Laser Sniper-Beginner, 3
    3)Ranged Laser-Green, 2
    4)Paramedic-Unskilled, 1
    5)Evader-Unskilled, 1

    Today's Hunts ...

    Updated 03-29-2011 at 19:20 by Doctorword

  4. Molisk camping

    Gonna keep track of my molisk hunting.

    Starting at 1335/5000 killed.

    P4a + A103 amp.
    Gnome armor + L bear gloves with awesome tierrates :P + Plate 2a
    Regen chip II

    Atami's Paradise - 3.95% tax


    1: starting at 10:00 - 11:00 gmt+1

    Killed: 171

    Costs: 141.50 ped total
    100 ped ammo
    24 ped amp
    15 ped weapon decay
    2.50 ped ...

    Updated 03-29-2011 at 13:42 by JakkDanielsz

  5. Reality is a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there...

    Reality is really a nice place however, living there just isnt as much fun as emmersing into the Entropia Universe. Some really great things have been happening lately such as: being part of a convoy that transported some rare materials to Atlas Heaven.

    After that rough morning the CCG recieved a distress call from a Container ship off the coast of Eudoria and we promptly responded, which took ...
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