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  1. Exploring Calypso...

    Now that I have all the TP's on both of the continents, I am now attempting to track down any outposts that I may have missed on my trips around the planet we call home.

    I am sure there are more places to explore, if only I had more time to look

    I plan to go on another trip around Eudoria and Amethera as soon as the holidays start

    Of course I will be still attempting to complete my graduation

    - Nightwolf

    Updated 11-21-2007 at 01:43 by NightwolfAA2k5

  2. Search & Rescue

    [B][COLOR="Teal"]Yesterday[/COLOR][/B] (Sunday 11/18) ... was the finale for the [URL=""][B][U]Search & Rescue event[/U][/B][/URL] designed by JSA socmate Zar (rwin at EF), and what a fun experience it was. However, I found it rather challenging to "[I]act[/I]" like a damsel in distress, and one who needed rescuing since I played one of the VIP positions. No armor, no ...

    Updated 03-02-2009 at 00:04 by MindStar9

  3. Encicra on the Universe #1

    This is basically just an announcement that it is on its way. So be sure to check back.

    Hopefully if all goes right, i'll uses this section as show notes for a radio show over CND Live.

    So keep your eyes and ears open!
  4. Health improvements

    Health... how slowly it is gained! Yesterday's hunting had me tasting a critical from an argo hunter... 125 damage on my scrawny 102 HP self.

    It would seem like starting to use the Korss H400 has had an effect of the loot returns. All in all the hunting tallied out in the positive after two globals and loads of minis.

    So well, in fact, that I couldn't help myself from buying some skills - a few hundred peds worth of Courage and Athletics boosted my HP up with five points ...
  5. Newfound ownage abilities

    Ahh... the intoxicating fanfare of the swirlies hits quite hard after hours of mind-numbing hunting!

    I discovered that I didn't have Nymphtown TP, so I went to Minopolis and ran from there. South of Nymph, I happened upon a nice high-maturity spawn of argos.

    As the argonaut fan I am, I've spent good time ravaging argos outside Twins, but always steered clear of argo Hunters. They would always pile-drive me into the ground in two fell strokes.
    Now I found that I can ...

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