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  1. Component Quest 007

    Standard Damper 100 QR rating... Check!

    A classic BP standard damper did not disappoint. The BP itself was 75QR when I bought it and took about a week to complete the final part. As the cost per click increases I have switched to crafting on quantity and the highest loot i received was around 7 ped (about a 100 multi).

    Didn't loot any new BPs but bought ...
  2. Component quest 006

    Basic power system 100 QR = 6/167 complete

    The least interesting BP of the quest so far with very few decent loots (hence the long time it took me to complete). The highest loot was about 39 ped which I hit early on.

    Didn't loot any new BPs, however I did loot about 30 auxiliary socket bps . These seemed to drop like crazy for some reason. ...

    Updated 10-28-2017 at 12:56 by matthew (typo)

  3. Component Quest 005

    Made it to 100 QR on Basic tube , most exciting loot was a 39 pedder so no globals here but still pretty good imo.

    I didn't loot any BPs that I didn't already own, maybe the most interesting BP I did loot was plastic springs II.

    this takes me to 5/167 on my component quest . Interestingly this bp is the first one I have reached QR 100 with a TT value ...
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  5. Component Quest 004

    Completed basic servo today which takes me to 4/167

    I managed to complete this one very quickly thanks to a nice hof (570 ped) a few days ago. I'll skip standard dampers for now as I'm still trying to obtain a suitable low QR bp and will start basic tubes next.

    This was the first bp of the quest I made a solid profit on and I looted 1 bp that I didn't ...
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