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  1. The Eudoria Coast Walk - heading east to Nymphtown

    Ready for the next stage

    At this stage my aim was still to walk to Nymphtown. I found this a tricky place to get to when I was first exploring the continent. Back then I tried many routes, and eventually found the approach from the south, across the lake, to be the safest. This time, however, I have a Sleipnir to help me out of tricky situations, although the aim of walking ...

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  2. The Eudoria Coast Walk

    Welcome, dear reader, to my journal that will describe my experiences of walking the coast of Eudoria.

    "Why do it?" I hear you ask. Well, why not. I have been travelling around Calypso for the last 18 months, mining, killing, being killed, racing, running, flying, swiming, boating and walking, and whilst the latter is an incredibly slow way of travel, it can be ...

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  3. Mining blog

  4. Home Sweet Home

    I know I'll make the trip again, but being back on Calypso I have a renewed appreciation for it.

    Arkadia in my rear view mirror.

    Killed a few Cosmic Horror along the way - so my VTOL now has Fair karma. Pretty east to kill, but not cheap. It definitely made the trip more interesting.
  5. Channel Kev: BlogTube - Richard Thompson OBE showcase (14)

    Richard Thompson: Walking the Long Miles Home


    Oh the last bus has gone
    Or maybe I'm wrong
    It just doesn't exist
    And the words that flew
    Between me and you
    I must be crossed off your list
    So I'm walking the long miles home
    I don't mind losing you
    In fact I feel better each step of the way
    In the dark I rehearse all the right ...

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