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  1. MoDa Space Dude Shirt M Silk wih Tiarak and Brukite Detail

  2. Lumber Jacking

    So Yesterday I tried my hand at what is a new to me tool in game the 'Terratech PH-1' the tree chopping device at the trade terminal.

    So after some research on how to use said device I set out on my adventure for lumber... Oh look this tree has a HP bar this is the one I'm after... So I continue along my merry way and into some dense forest and without even noticing the mobs 'cornundacauda' continue to harvest wood, nxt minit there 7+ mobs on my behind... Did I run! Never I must have ...
  3. Once upon a time...

    Once upon a time I use to play this game... but then I vanished without a trace... AND now I'm BACK!!!

    So it's been 4+ years since my last confession!

    But I do confess that I've missed the game!!!

    I've tried other games that reminded me of this beautiful creature but never quite filled that empty gap in my soul...

    So in this token I'm going to see how I go and try to take it a little slower and do some of the new beginner content that ...
  4. The Missing Element in Entropia

    I can't quite put my thumb on it to be honest. But, there is an element missing in Entropia. If I had to explain it, it would be "life." There is not enough "life" in Entropia. Or.. Life-like-ness? I guess one could say.

    I get hung up in the rig-a-ma-roo... The run of the mill ...
  5. MoDa - Space Dude Trucker Hat M

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