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  1. Hello my Name is Wuthaa

    and i like to be interactive with other People in the internet.

    So i thought i open a Blog on PlanetCalypso just because i like Online Games and writing too.

    Would love to read your comments in the future

    See u
    Your lovely Wuthaa
  2. Component Quest 004

    Completed basic servo today which takes me to 4/167

    I managed to complete this one very quickly thanks to a nice hof (570 ped) a few days ago. I'll skip standard dampers for now as I'm still trying to obtain a suitable low QR bp and will start basic tubes next.

    This was the first bp of the quest I made a solid profit on and I looted 1 bp that I didn't ...
  3. Component Quest Post 003

    First HOF of the component quest on basic servo bp, 570 PED! About a 9500 multiplier

    Very pleased indeed.
  4. Sir Matt's Component Quest Post 002

    After tens of thousands of clicks finally reached 100 QR on basic auxiliary socket bp , took about 9 days so far quicker than the previous BPs.

    I did this on condition crafting as I found it quite hard to shift these on auction. Highest loot was around 23 ped (about 350 multiplier).

    I looted two new BPs to add to my collection, simple springs I ...
  5. Sir Matt's Component Quest post 001

    Hi all,

    I have decided to start a blog to track the progress of my lastest and perhaps most ambitions endevor... To reach 100 QR on all 167 component BPs .

    I will craft the components in order of TT cost per click (lowest to highest) and post here things like biggest loot, most interesting bp drop etc a lot with a picture of each BP as it reaches the fabled 100 QR.

    All BPs were either looted during the quest or bought to fill any gaps. When buying ...
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