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  1. Hi SuNi
    I have not seen you in game for a long time....maybe I have been playing with one eye closed !
    Best wishes,I hope you are well
  2. hey SuNi,
    I understand your English,it is better than my German
    You see that I log in less often than you,so sry for not replying sooner.
    LOL...."normal people".....I agree that we are few in game )
    My wife has gone out with her sister tonight so that is why I have the time to write this....I do not log into EU very often recently.
    Bye bye
    PS Where do you find the "smileys"(emoticons)
  3. Hiya suNi !
    I googled your name as you suggested but allI got was this
    .....but it's avery nice
    I hope you don't mind but I have added myself as a friend.
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