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  1. LOL now I feel even worse, I am your only red dot Neg rep me back, I can take it I wont feel better until you do it! <hides under a pillow>, ok I am ready
  2. And I just managed to get rid of the last red dot on the list too.. Aw!
    Im sure he's got other things on his mind! No worries though, it doesn't matter much to me, just thought it was funny!

    And thanks!
  3. LOL it was a brunette moment!! PM'ed 711 and see if he could change it in between all the other stuff he is doing right now

    Ohhhh Happy Belated
  4. Haha yea you did I just thought it was funny, made me scratch my head a little, specially considering the comment didn't fit the little red plop at all..
  5. OMG I did? I am so sorry!!! LOL Guess I am one of those idiots that can't read either!! hahaha I will go make up for it
  6. Lol, you negrepped me! =D
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