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  1. Hey hun
  2. hiya NAVADA
  3. HELLLLPPP. This weekend Wof USA is going up again Italy. Because of them forcing us to pick a horrible time slot (1600 MA Time). We will be short on support players. Please if you can be online and at Wolverine TP at 1530 MA Time. (That is EST 11:30 AM EST, CST 10:30 AM CST, MST 9:30 AM MST, PST 8:30 AM PST, AKST 7:30 AM AKST, HST 6:30 AM HST.) Last time we had enough people to finish hunting in a hour, and most people used 50-100 peds for there hunting. If you think you can join us on Support hunting PLEASE DO. USA needs your help!! PM me for any more details.
  4. The sun, the moon, hehe But seriously lol ummm not much? hehe U?
  5. waaaassssuuuuuupppp!!
  6. lol so how have you been nub
  7. AAARRRRRGGGGGG shiver me timbers matey!
  8. Happy "Talk like a Pirate Day". Shiver me Timbers matey!!
  9. Bucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. hi navada!
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