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  1. ty ty i hope i see ya in there but there are sooooooooooooo many green dots lol
  2. welcome back hope to cya in game soon then and thats goo that you was able to saty out of trouble
  3. Me trouble?? NEVER! lol but not up to a whole lot im finally able to get n game after ten months so thats fun!
  4. Thats great watcha been doing keeping out of trouble i hope ? not that you would get into any trouble hehehe
  5. Im doing good too
  6. hellooooooooo there im doing great how are you ?
  7. Hi there how ya doin??
  8. happy new year XxXxXx hope you have a fun safe new year
  9. hi hi Merry Christmas
  10. i wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY SAFE new YEAR
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