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  1. Afraid not, I haven't had a chance to write any more and I got sick of being on Rocktropia with such a crap economy. My little no deposit account couldn't cope with it. Maybe I'll go back and do some more at some point but I've been focusing on getting my published book marketed and I'm about to start a second company as well as writing the content for a cyoa style iphone ap for someone else. Also almost finished my second book and working on a language for someone elses graphic novel, and still doing a fair bit for my first company Flight productions. I have no idea when I'll manage to fit it in yet. I've not forgotten it though.
  2. So, did you ever bring back the CYOA on any forum?
  3. Let me know when you are ready to re-post the CYOA series and I will send you that banner (provided you can use banners wherever it gets re-hosted).
  4. Well, I've only ever briefly touched After Effects, but I'm willing to give learning it a shot. If I can self-teach myself enough of it to use it effectively, I'll give it a go.
  5. That would be pretty cool if you are up for doing that.
  6. Ok, good to know. In that case, I may load up After Effects and see if I can learn enough in it to make an even niftier banner for you than I had originally planned.
  7. Take your time, I've paused the cyoa for about 4-5 weeks while I take a break anyway.
  8. Ok, I lost the drive that I had my work on... I have the day off tomorrow, so I will just crunch it out ASAP - Since I'm not busy, I should be able to knock it out.
  9. No worries. Rl comes first, its the golden rule of every MMO, take your time. I'm a patient type
  10. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I'm finally able to start work on that new banner. Sorry that I'm just now getting to it, I've been really busy finishing up my ICND classes and going for my Cisco certification, but I just wrapped up the class on Friday and plan on taking a couple days of downtime to keep my head from exploding.
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