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  1. I do have some ideas in mind.. but most of them require either people to remember to press P at certain times.. or letting the program do so it self..

    I would like a GPS function so you could see on a map where your friends are.. I would like a map showing your globals... And many other types of "map" addons to the client... I would also like to add more types of events to the event system.. Add Mining profession... And so on.. The list is long.. But right now.. I want the market game.. and as "im boss of my own site".. I think I know what I will do.... right after the weather isent so friggin hot
  2. Actually, with the data you already have you could make far more useful combinations than games... but as i said, you lack ideas
  3. Need the base data to make the market game, dont I? Also, going to show the markup on items right in the global list for the item.. So if you look at OA-101's ... it will say (Somewhere on the page) what the current markup on this item is.... I dont think that was on any of the other tracker sites?

    So.. I had to do something thats bee done before.. to do two new things... is that bad?
  4. Just like the auction data websites you can find... well, anywhere? What's wrong with your creativity?
  5. Ah.. well.. Not doing the "big game"... Takes too long time to make.. And I do not believe there is a "market game" anywhere.. If there is, then im sorry... Also.. Yes.. you are totally right.. The "big conquest type game" is based on the generic conquest game you can find .. well.. anywhere..
  6. I was talking about the games, d'oh...
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