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  1. Yea I better get back to what I was doing as well lol.. Take care!
  2. No you don't anyway, back to work here - have some pretty strickt deadlines meh ...
    Have fun there
  3. Hihi *I wonder where*
  4. *how time is running* I could always make a new contest - but 'somewere else' hahaha
  5. Haha ok, I did find it a bit weird you seemed to never have heard about that competition Was 2 years ago now tho, way longer time than I thought!
  6. OO I remember now Made my new after that though Didn't really pay attention of it!
  7. LOL have to see what number it was then hahah Oh well! If it was 20K peds ... then Maybe it's soon time for me to update - though I like the Nun in chocolate
  8. lol sure was: Profile Design Contest. 20k EFD Award!. That was also from the time this profile modding was new. I even see now that your page competed as well, perhaps a friend of yours signed you up without you knowing then
  9. there was a profile competition!!!??? I honestly didn't know lol. I made it back in time when the profile-features were new But yeah, not doing much here anyway. I have my 'place after dark'
  10. Thanks, you too I believe we both fixed them for that profile page competition a year or two ago? I would need something like that to get me to fix it again lol
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