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  1. Here's the items that we looted during the day hunt,
    PM me if something is missing or wrong.
    After the TT value the holder of the item; (xxx, xxx) are team members in that moment

    - Martial Harness (M,L) 48,82Flu (Flu, Pecka)
    - Martial Helmet (M,L) 26,48Flu (Flu, Pecka)
    - Bear Helmet (M,L) adm (Flu, adm)
    - Tiger Foot Guards (M,L) 18,18Flu (Flu, Pecka)
    - Jaguar Thigh Guards (M,L) 51,00Pecka (Flu, adm, Pecka)
    - Jaguar Foot Guards (M,L) 18,82Flu (Flu, adm, Pecka)
    - Tiger Foot Guards (M,L) 20,00Pecka (Flu, Pecka, Eman, Plut, Sahel)
    - Jaguar Foot Guards (M,L) 26,94Flu (Flu, Eman, Plut, Sahel)

    Thx and cya tomorrow for another amazing hunt
    Sherwoord Flu Fortuna
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