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  1. Oh yeah.

    I can walk. I can sit. I can play.

    (I can't run yet, but 3/4 ain't bad)
  2. Leg's still screwed and I got update woe's, so im playing modern warfare 2 for a while.
  3. Haven't seen you log in for like weeks bud.

    Update woes??

  4. Stop panicking guys, I'm alive.

    Call of the searchdogs, will ya?
  5. Votre mére, elle est une hamster, et votre pére, son odeur est des baies de sureau

  6. There's nothing wrong with orange. Of course, my doctor now says prolonged exposure to Stinky's profile has rendered my eyes of being unable to see any other colour but yellow and orange.
  7. Yeah, not many people are ready for it. I've taken to wearing sunglasses whenever i need to check out Stinky's profile. Sure, I could hide user customizations, but where's the fun in that?
  8. I drink beer only once in four times. But do not worry, the sheep are very tasty.
  9. I seen night lots already
  10. you have now bud..... but!!!! you logged out before night came around... that is a MUST see!

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