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  1. That guy's voice sounds exactly like you know who's!
  2. No, I never did anything with those other than look at them. I never even saved them locally.
  3. Aww, sorry :/ I was just very intrigued by what I had.
  4. So.........did you get them?
  5. Ok, I have tried and have no idea how to send you ss without putting on this forum
  6. I always appreciate the viewing of a great ss! :P Looking forward to it!
  7. OMG, do I ever have the greatest ss to show you! Message ya later when I get home from work...
  8. !!! Seminoles ftw!!!!! :p
  9. I don't know who this we *all* is but if the secrets are juicy I would love to meet them :P
  10. We *all* have secrets. LOL
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