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  1. get ingame damnit!
  2. OK, I made a Facebook. Now be my friend, damnit!
  3. I hope you have a nice lucky streak...
  4. OK!!!!!!!!!!
  5. yo, go on now : P
  6. I'm there! Maybe a little late?
  7. I was at the very front too, right next to the stage... You might see my face in a picture that the guitarist took during the concert if you look for it!
  8. I just went to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs concert at the Aragon in Chicago... FUCKING AWESOME

    Search for em on youtube if you don't know who they are, they fuckin rock!!! you might see a few videos from the concert i was at, that place was PACKED
  9. I got the donut machine !!!!!! WOOOOT !!!!!!
  10. Pffft...

    Yeah, I've got 2 more days of school... aaaaaahhh.....!!!
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