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  1. I've never done vocals before on my music. I think I can sing, but I've never gotten around to doing it. I'm still experimenting with my sound. Oh, as far as darkwave is concerned: a really really great darkwave/electronica group is Ego Likeness. BTW, you friended me on Facebook today. I'm Graeme
  2. sounds interesting. I am more a rock/blues/pop/oldies kinda vocalist but have done other things too. Do you ever have vocals on your music? I can add vocals if you would like that at any time. Or you could send me some of your music to let me hear what you do. Not sure what darkwave is, sounds interesting.
  3. Hey Silva I mostly do electronica/ambient/darkwave-ish music. Haven't been at it recently (though I should be). Life's just very busy. I play the bass primarily, but I can get by on guitar and keyboard.
  4. awww thanks for the wee message. I hope it gets sorted soon too. I see you are a musician. What do you play/what type of music do u do? Can you record? I ask because I do singing and can record and I am always on the look out for other musician who I can work with.
  5. aww that was sweet thanks
  6. I will be using "fap off" too HAHA. What a great saying. You deserved that +rep. Your post was thoughtful and smart.
  7. Thanks for the rep babe. Man that dude has opened up Pandoras box, he is now gonna be fapped more than ever esp as someone came up with an I Fapped Blackhawk bravery award lol. Not to mention all sorts of Fapper/Blackhaw fap jokes and sayings that is gonna flourish. Will def be using 'fap off' now myself
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