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  1. PART 2 of my rant ;D (first part below)

    Plus, they wouldn't have such a large loss that they couldn't function, as ppl still spend money on PK, auction fees, atmosphere entry, and event costs. It is a long term process, as it would take 5 years for MA to return to their large profits, but then everyone is happy. The players are happy, as MU covers their losses and lets them profit, planet partners are happy, as their is a larger player base, which will send players to different planets, MA is happy, as they make money, and entropia becomes more liked than second life.

    can u post the corrections on my wall ;D ty
  2. ok narfi i need some help how would i phrase this without irritating the developers?

    MA should give 95 percent of the ped spent in loot, that way the MU can cover the hunt and let players profit. With the 95 percent, MA would lose money in the immediate aspect, but they can make some of it back by selling parts of the new continent. Its an investment, as the fortune in entropia would spread, which would make MA have a larger player base, which for 95 percent tt value loot, would let everyone profit including MA, as they have more ppl. Even 90 percent returns if they drop a large MU item, like angel scales.
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