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  1. aly, how are you doing? i havent seen you online in a long time! are you still in N america? or where have your adventures taken you now?
  2. hey i like what you've done w/ your profile!
  3. hey thanks aly, hope you had a merry christmas too, and are having a great holiday up there in canada

  4. Merry Christmas to you!
    Hope you have a great one
  5. this are going pretty well for me. i'm looking forward to getting home for christmas and going skiing up in colorado. are you going to be able to log into the game while you're in canada?
  6. Yes over on Vancouver Island now. Missing LA already.
    Trips been great so far, but sheesh it's freezing over here!
    Hows things treating you?
    PS: Love the new profile pic! Great effect
  7. hey hows your trip so far? are you in canada now?
  8. Well I don't know about that But thank you
    PS: Fantastic profile pic!
  9. No paid sub needed
    Just click the 'customize profile' buttom below your av pic under 'your profile' (Can be accessed via User CP or quick links).
    Just have a play around with the preview buttons before you save and your profile page will be pimped in no time
    PS: Great VU10 screenies! Loving them
  10. anytime how do you make your profile look so cool btw? do you have to have a paid sub to EF?
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