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  1. I'm all over that barbie planet! you gonna join me?
  2. haha yeah.. it was 1k ped *cough cough*
    I found a new job.. but the pay is not great so you get to hold on to it for another year! lol

    have you found any new games yet? then I can go stal... partake in playing videogames with you again
  3. Hi nuba - what do you mean by "us"? You left GWH! :p
    No clue if e-lite is still running that teamspeak server for GWH though. I completely forgot how many peds were involved in that collateral but yeah, I noticed the current market - I'm considering a shopping spree
  4. oh, and hi nuba... my as-129 is worth less than what I gave for collat lol!
  5. do we still have our teamspeak server? =D
  6. facebawk?
  7. lawl - Facebök R US :p
  8. shit, EF is turning into Myspace/facebook
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