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  1. Welcome to the santitarium!
  2. Ya that would be cool. Time zone don't mean much to me. My best hours of mining ar 0800- 1400 GMT because that when the wife is asleep and not bugging the crap out of me.

    You can always look for me in Corinth. That is the NBK's home base for all societies. Just look for me or ask anyone in the NBK to get a hold of me and I will get you on FL. GL out there in this brave new world!
  3. Well i c we have a timezone difrence shouldnt matter 2 much as we are miners and loners by nature..i am not on forum 2 often but we should meet up ingame somewhere and get 2 know 4 1 ill keep a lookout 2 your societies progress..

    and hope well all enjoy the new ent..cya around
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