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  1. If you look at the history between Oleg and myself you will see that I state problems and offer thoughfull solutions, Oleg just comes in and starts cursing at me. I therefore will discredit him at any given chance - he dosent mentor, nor offer any vaild argument, he just starts in with this lies, and I dont put up with his BS.
  2. You must understand that his post is an attempt to "cut me off at the pass" so to say - when hes talking about farmers, hes talking about me.
  3. Whatever your motives, Marco set some ground rules: no bashing of ideas of others. I don't easily give out neg-rep either.
  4. I give Oleg back what he gives out, hes a complete moron who personally aauslts me constantly.

    I dont however give out neg rep - ever.
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