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  1. Hi again,

    Sorry to trouble you, but I was wondering if you would mind voting for my friend’s AHR Logo again. She’s on her way to winning!
    There was something wrong with the last voting link, so please vote again for #7 .
    Thank you so very much!


  2. Ok, I am jealous. It's official now! I wish Carl and I could go to the UK and meet up with you all!
    Have an amazing time, and if you get a chance, could you all please vote for my friend'sa Logo for Atlas Haven Radio? It's #7 on the poll found here at this link...

    Have an invcredible treip, BJ! And have a few beers for me and Carl too!
  3. Hi BJ,
    I went to your apartment and waited for you in your bed... When you didn't show, I called Praugster over!
    Hope you don't mind that we used your bachelor pad. I did think to upload some photos for you though! They're in my latest EF album!

  4. Thanks soooo much Liv! A happy New year to you and Carl as well!!!!

  5. A Very Happy New Year to you!!! I hope 2009 has great things in store!


  6. Hi there BJ! If you have a look at the two (ALMOST) identical pics that I just uploaded, you will understand why I asked you if you saw me with a black face! LOL!

    Liv Forever
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